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You've just taken the first step towards a home that's warmer, drier, healthier, more comfortable, more affordable and kinder to the environment. Find out more.


One energy efficient light bulb can last as long as 10 standard bulbs, and can save you well over $100 in reduced energy costs. This is just one example of energy efficiency paying for itself.

Smarter insulation for better living.

Find out more in Your Guide to $marter Insulation
Check out Your Guide to a $marter Home for more general information

For homeowners and renters
A smart home is warmer, drier, and more comfortable. It has more natural light. It's healthier for you and your family. And it's affordable too. Find out more.

For building & property professionals
Smart homes are the way of the future. Increasingly, home buyers and renters are likely to demand homes that are energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and enjoyable to live in.  Find out more.

For the environment
Smart homes use less energy, so they help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also use less water,  and they're made from materials that don't harm health or the planet.  Find out more.


Case Studies

Find out how other New Zealanders are benefiting from energy efficient design for new homes and renovations. More

Checklists & Tools

See our top tips for cutting your energy bill, buying property and much more.

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